Incubating Orbital Shaker

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Incubating orbital shakers are designed for a variety of shaking and incubating applications such as bacteria suspensions, hybridizations and cell culture procedures.
The units tray can be used as a platform for mounting Erlenmeyer flask clamps or test tube racks. Platform holds up to six 250 mL Erlenmeyer flasks or vessels up to 5.25 inch tall.

• Variable speed microprocessor control provides consistent uniform mixing action
• Permanently lubricated ball bearings & brushless DC motor for reliable continuous operation
• 1 second to 160 hours time with audible alarm when time reaches zero
• Easy to read LED displays for temp, speed and time allows view of all settings at once
• Polycarbonate lid permits viewing of samples without disturbing internal temperature

The incubator features smoked acrylic windows in the door and to both sides to allow easy visibility of the samples.
The unit features a retractable platform. Under normal use the platform is locked in place but whilst accessing your samples the platform can be drawn forward out of the chamber to allow easiest access to samples at the back of the incubator.
The SI500 also features a USB connection and dedicated software to enable long term monitoring of the incubator temperature, i.e. over weekends.
A wide range of stainless steel accessory racks are available to hold 1.5ml, 15ml and 50ml sample tubes, the angle of the tubes can be adjusted up to 30°. Accessory racks are held to the orbiting platform by a patent pending Magnalock system, allowing quick coupling and de-coupling without tools.