Deep Freezer

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Jai Lab Products manufacturers of Deep Freezer with premium quality as well as international standard.Deep Freezer is available in various capacities demands upon the customer requirements. Our Deep Freezer range is highly recognize for their easy operations and trouble free processing.


Used to prevent epidermic in Electronic and Chemical laboratories.
Animal Husbandry.
Blood Banks & Research Institutes
Pharmaceuticals Fields

Specification Of Deep Freezer:

Vertical Models: 10 Liters of capacity, 170 Liters of capacity ,270Liters of capacity, 325 Liters of capacity .
Horizontal Models : 100 Liters of capacity, 195 Liters of capacity, 255 Liters of capacity, 349 Liters of capacity.
Ranges Of Temperature : -20o celsius to ambient, -40o celsius to ambient, -60o celsius to ambient , -80o celsius to -40o celsius.

Controlling Of Temperature :

Digital microprocessor based temperature indicator
controller with display of 0.1oC.
Controlling Minimum accuracy +2oC
Display accuracy +0.5%, full scale.
Class- A grade, PT-100 Sensor (RTD).